November 1st, 2014


Accessibility of past medical records for an undercover cop

I've trawled for answers to this, but it's all a bit situation-specific - would appreciate any help!

The main character I'm writing about was a cop who while deep undercover shot some people, was shot himself and woke up in a psychiatric hospital. This happened around 1993 in Texas. As he was undercover at the time, his police record is still in 2014 at least partially redacted, but I was wondering specifically about how someone would go about trying to access his medical records nowadays.

Essentially the main character in 2014 is suffering from a breakdown after a severe physical injury and his friend is trying to help him, and wants to get hold of his records to 1) know where to start on how to help him - his friend is uncommunicative and 2) be able to give a full background to any new healthcare team he can get him.

So my questions are:
- Would main character's medical history be recorded separately to the police file, and if so, where? What body controls these records?
- Would they be accessible to the patient alone? Who else could access them?
- Would it be likely for main character to have a physical copy of his own medical records?

Thank you!
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Wearing armor in the cold

Say you're stuck out in the snow in very cold conditions (20-30*s F). You're wearing chain mail, some sort of breastplate, a tabard, a thin cloak, gloves, what looks like boxers and an undershirt, and not a whole lot else. (This is fanfic, for a very non-historically accurate fandom, so I don't have much control over the character's outfit.) You're going to be walking about five miles. Is it better to go out with the chain mail/breastplate on, or remove it and just wear the cloth items? On the one hand I feel like the armor's wind protection would be valuable, but on the other hand I keep imagining that scene with the kid licking the pole from A Christmas Story. I do need him to survive the trek (although a little hypothermia is fine). Thoughts?

Terms searched: variations on "wearing armor/chainmail in the cold"
. This site was somewhat helpful but doesn't discuss what happens when you don't have proper underthings.