October 21st, 2014

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Injuries from fall, and gunshot.

I'm trying to reverse engineer injuries for two characters, set in modern times in the US, with little success. I know what I want the outcome to be but it's proving very difficult to get a straight answer out of google of how to get there. ETA. I've tried various versions of "injury from fall off a bridge/height/building", "reasons/conditions for long term medication", "long term effects from gunshots" etc.

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I know this is kind of vague. Just looking for some ideas to get started.

Method and Aftermath of Failed Suicide Attempt (present day Australia)

Have gone through the relevant tags in this community, searched for and asked questions on the NaNoWriMo forums, read through various websites and answer forums with different search terms including "aftermath of suicide attempt" "hospitalisation after failed suicide", "suicide attempt survivor stories", etc. Have also tried to do research on different types of medication but have found a lot of differing opinions on what does and doesn't work. I seem to have too specific a situation and can't find enough detailed info.

Anyway, onto my scene in question.

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Thank you very much in advance to anyone willing to share information, I appreciate your help so much as I know that it often comes from personal experience.