October 20th, 2014


Lunar phases if the world had two moons.

First time poster here, so sorry if I mess something up.

Setting: a world in sort of just-pre-industrial times, with two moons but one sun; nature-wise a lot like northern Scandinavia.

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So, my story takes place in a world that has two moons, which I now realize will result in way more complex problems than I was originally expecting. But I think I can handle it based on a couple of nice articles I found on the subject. So, here are the questions I couldn't find answers to:

- Would the moons have to be on different sides of the planets, or could they be closer to each other, like stars? (Assume that they are on about the same distance from earth)
- If they are on the same side of the planet, how would the lunar phases work? Meaning, would they be full at the same time?
- If one of them is closer to earth, would it keep the other one in shadow, depending on where the person watching them is standing?
- If they are on different sides of the planet, would it be possible to see them both at the same time?

Thank you for you help.