October 9th, 2014


No tobacco - what next?

The character is a healthy man in his late 20's who has smoked a pipe daily since he was about 12 - he comes from a place where this is normal and basically everyone smokes. During the story he travels to a distant land where tobacco is completely nonexistent. Obviously he's gonna have some withdrawl issues.

I've found a lot of info about the side effects of quitting smoking, and even some people's first hand experiences, but still have a couple of questions.

1) How will the experience be different when falling off the wagon isn't an option? Will the cravings be the same? Most people seem to say the hardest part is not giving in and smoking again.... since this isn't an option for him, what will be the worst part?

2) Are there any differences between quitting off of cigarettes vs a pipe? I couldn't find any info on this.

Search terms: pipe, quit smoking, tobacco, cold turkey, nicotine withdrawl, side effects