September 26th, 2014


[ANON POST] Demographics of Rural Colorado (Modern Day)

Setting is on a ranch in the middle of nowhere in modern-day or a few years in the future Colorado.

I have a horse ranch in the above setting, and I was wondering what ethnicity the ranch hands would most likely be. I'd prefer that they not be white, simply to avoid a white-dominated cast (though the protagonist is a PoC), and I thought they might be Latino, but (a) I obviously don't know that, and (b) I have no idea what specific country they or their families would've originally come from.

I've found a fair amount of information on the demographics of Colorado, which has informed me that about a fifth of the population of Colorado identifies as Latino/a and/or Hispanic, so it seems like a good possibility, but I don't know for sure.

I also asked a person who grew up in the middle of nowhere in Colorado what the demographics there were like then, and they said completely white, but that was decades ago, so I'm taking it with a healthy dose of salt.

Re: (b), I've Googled "Colorado immigration," but I've mostly gotten services for immigrants, not info on where most immigrants immigrated from.

Anyone have any more specific/up-to-date information?