September 14th, 2014


Semi Sci-fi Solution Suggestions?

I’m currently working on a murder mystery set in modern-day South Korea, which starts with a scientist getting his mind swapped with a commoner from the end of the 60’s/beginning of the 70’s, and I’m having difficulty properly explaining the logic (if there is any?) behind this swap. I don’t want to reveal too much, but my (current) background story and possible solutions to this are as following:

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TL;DR: A scientist sends his mind back in time, to around 1970, where it is swapped with a commoner – his mind now ‘lives’ in the commoner’s body and vice versa. How is he able to do this? How and why does it connect with that particular commoner?

I’m really just open to hear about ideas, suggestions, opinions about this possibility. You can take the explanations above into consideration, or just let your thoughts flow freely. The only thing I don’t want to hear, is the impossibility of this actually happening. I know it’s not possible. Doesn’t stop me from using it in a story though. And forgive me; the names of the departments/projects are only temporarily.

Search history: time travel, time machine, worm hole, black hole, various time paradoxes, quantum mechanics, closed time-like curve, worldline, cosmic string, alcubierre drive… I have also asked this a couple of other places, so if you're interested in the response from there, let me know. Also, just ask if you need additional details.

[ANON POST] Glass-blowing in Modern-day NYC

I have a character who is a glass artist in New York City. I'm trying to figure out where the character would live, what neighborhood and what kind of interior/exterior space she would need.

I've read through a ton of wikipedia articles about various NYC neighborhoods, focusing on Manhattan and Brooklyn, plus a bunch of articles/videos about glass blowing in general, but I can't seem to figure out what parts of NYC would be zoned for that sort of activity. Tried searching all sorts of combinations of glass blowing + new york and glass blowing + residential and live/work space + new york and artist loft + new york.

Ideally, it would be a live/work space, something big and industrial feeling. I don't want it to have a shop space -- she shows her work in galleries/lists it online, but she doesn't have a physical storefront to sell out of and does all her glass blowing in private. (She's a dragon, you see! Can't have anyone stumbling onto her secret!) Money is no object, but I'd prefer the neighborhood feel a bit. . . rougher? I'm okay with some gentrification, but it shouldn't be particularly trendy or upscale. Ideally I'd also like it to be racially/ethnically diverse; I haven't decided on her race yet but I'm pretty sure she won't be white and I want a neighborhood where she won't stand out that much. (Exactly what race/ethnicity she is can be dependent on the neighborhood suggested.)