September 7th, 2014

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okay school things

Does anyone have any true life stories, which are comic, and family friendly (so nothing dirty) of hilarious non-messy pranks that children have played on history teachers? I have a scene where a rather bumbling but well meaning teacher comes in to teach a history lesson on Mexico, has a prank played on him, and gets fired.

This is for a comic play by an amateur group in Southwest England. Anyones idea used will get a programme credit.

As a supply teacher all the ones I can think of from my experience are totally dialogue based, or not really ideal to be staged whereas I would like something more visual for the play.
Floating nebulous glowy thing!

camp followers having animals? 1700s

Setting is fantasy, based on early 18th-century European cultures. My MC is the daughter of a lower-ranking army officer. She and her mother are allowed to accompany the regiment on campaigns, as camp followers, and are kept quite busy doing work that camp followers are expected to do (cooking, cleaning, nursing, etc).

MC is a wizard, and as a young child still coming into her powers, she accidentally magically kills some animals in front of her mother. Wizards are not looked kindly upon by this society, so realizing her daughter is one, and seeing the destructive nature of her powers, causes the mother to have a mental breakdown and abandon her family and the army, never to be seen or heard from again.

My problem is, what sort of animals might they be?
They definitely need to be domesticated, not wild. I had originally thought of chickens, but then I wasn't sure if camp followers would be transporting chickens (although chickens would provide eggs...).

I've tried searching various reenactment blogs and articles but I can't find anything about camp followers having animals with them, or if that was even permissable.