July 14th, 2014

Killing through eye poking wound

Hi, guys:
(First, please excuse my poor English; it is not my primary language.)
I must warn you; this is a bit gruesome. This is the thing:
I am writing a fighting scene in a late medieval setting. The main character uses his thumbs to poke into the eyes of an enemy, killing him.
He wore a full plate armor, with steel gauntlets. The idea is to break the eye sockets and cause internal bleeding and brain damage.
Do you think it is plausible?

My search terms were: eye-gouging, eye-gouging with thumbs, eye socket, eye poking kill.

Thanks in advance and greetings from Spain!
blue ruiner

Paris, France: supermarket checkout area and CCTV

Greetings! I have two bizarrely specific questions, but they're actually pretty plot-significant, so.

Where: 18th arrondissement, Paris, France
When: present day (spring of 2013, really, on the off-chance that there've been major changes to the answer in the past year).

1) In the US, supermarkets often have security cameras that film you entering, along with a monitor in the entryway so that shoppers can see that they are being filmed. I am trying to find out how common this practice is in Paris. I don't care about the specific name brand of store or anything, but a discount market like Dia is the right kind of place for this particular scene, and while some Dia markets in other countries definitely do have the screens [IMG], I have no idea if they all do or only some of them or only that one or what (not sure where that is, but the sandwich board is in Spanish, so I'm guessing: not France).

2) I also need to know what sort of things are sold as near as possible to the checkouts. I have a character who needs to control his leaving time, so I want him to be browsing/picking up something extra just by the registers. What'd that be likely to be, in a discount supermarket sort of place? Are there the impulse-buy/forgotton-sundries displays of gum and Chapstick and batteries, like we have over in these parts? If not, anything else he could be looking over on his way out?

I've been searching (both text and image) pretty fruitlessly for both of these in Google, Wikimedia Commons, and on Flickr—various combinations of "supermarket"/"supermarché" "paris" "france" "checkout" "register area" "cctv", et cetera. Not a lot of luck.