July 11th, 2014


How would one character explain to another why kissing is pleasurable?

I'm not sure it's really relevant but the fandom is Sherlock Holmes (original canon) and so the setting is late Victorian era England. This is something I'm not entirely sure how to search/ask so forgive me if I ramble a bit trying to explain it. I've tried searching phrases like 'why is kissing pleasurable' and 'why do people enjoy kissing' which brings up both articles and similar questions on yahoo answers but those mostly seems to consist of a lot of theorising about the science behind kissing which is not what I want to know, and also a fair bit of ignorance/erasure of the existence of asexuality, aromanticism and the fact that some people don't desire/enjoy acts of sexual/romantic intimacy which is not helpful or particularly pleasant to read (I am asexual and aromantic, feel absolutely no desire to kiss and find the idea of kissing and 'swapping spit' myself really repulsive so this is not something I can ever research or answer directly and this is also why many existing answers are not helpful to me because often people assume these experiences and desires are universal when they're not).

The scenario is I have two characters (Moriarty and Moran) in a relationship which has been up til this point more of an emotionally intimate friendship which then developed to them also having a sexual relationship but until now Moriarty has never allowed Moran to kiss him because he doesn't see the point of kissing. Moran is bisexual and leaning towards homoromantic and has had many sexual partners in the past, many of whom he did kiss just before or during sex, but Moriarty is pretty much the first person he's deeply fallen in love with. Moriarty is asexual and essentially aromantic and has had very few sexual partners and if he did kiss any of them he got nothing out of it. Moran does want to kiss Moriarty and when he finally does so he really enjoys it and wants more of it and I think as much as he loves sex, he would be quite happy just kissing Moriarty for hours without having sex or without assuming it would ultimately lead into sex.

Moriarty though still doesn't get kissing. He doesn't find it repulsive and I think he enjoys being tactile with Moran but he gets no real direct enjoyment out of kissing and doesn't see why it's especially intimate or special to Moran. His enjoyment is more secondary (because Moran enjoys it and he likes giving Moran pleasure) so he is curious as to why Moran enjoys it so much. This is what I don't know how to write, how Moran would explain the pleasure he gets from kissing to Moriarty, and that's why I don't need to know about the scientific theories about why people kiss, I want to know the stuff which people don't seem to be able so far to explain to me, the more subjective and emotional aspects to kissing (obviously to someone who enjoys kissing) - how does it make you feel physically (especially other feelings beyond just sexual arousal), and things like is the pleasure primarily physical or primarily emotional or a fairly even mix between them, or do those experiences change the longer kissing goes on, and especially how things feel when you're just making out for longer periods without it automatically involving/leading into sex? What emotions/any other sensations does kissing make you feel? And why is kissing often seen as just as intimate or even more intimate than sex (hence why apparently many prostitutes won't kiss clients and why passionate kissing doesn't always have to involve/lead to sex)? Moran doesn't need to give a really long-winded in-depth explanation of it or anything but I would like to have him express himself slightly better than merely "it just feels good". Thanks in advance if anyone can give me any kind of help with this.