July 3rd, 2014

Shoulder injury to order

So I have a young, healthy woman being run through in the shoulder with a very sharp (very little resistance when she is stabbed), clean sword (it is also very thin if that makes a difference). She is then thrown in a cell (a very clean environment in this case).It's a science fiction story set in the near future.
What I need is (if possible):
For there to minor muscle damage that affects the movement of her hand, but not enough to disadvantage her, eg. stiffness in hand but still full movement within a year (she could do excercises if that would help?), occasional pain. What would the muscle damage be and would it require surgery for her to have full movement again?

Also, if the wound is put under any strain (when she is escaping) will this affect her recovery?

Its her left shoulder and she is stabbed from behind if that makes any difference.

googled: shoulder wounds, shoulder muscles, muscle damage in shoulder