June 17th, 2014

A non-fatal gunshot to the chest?

I realise something simmilar may have already been posted, but I haven't been able to find anything that fully clarifies what I need.
In my story, a young, reasonably fit, perfectly healthy man is shot in the back. I imagine that the bullet goes right through.
I was wondering what area of the back/chest would this kind of shot been non-fatal?
In the story they are stuck in the middle of nowhere at this point so they have limited access to medical treatment. However they have herbal medicine to stop the bleeding and have minor antiseptic effects (I'm unsure whether such a plant exists but it's a sci-fi so it doesn't have to) and a man who knows how to use them properly.
Also, I imagine a minor infection (nothing fatal) setting in in the few days efore they reach a modern hospital, what would the effects of this be? Would they increase day by day?

EDIT: I should have specified that the shot is at a long distance with a pistol.

I searched gunshot wound to the chest, non-fatal gunshot wounds to the chest, gunshot wound to the chest with little medical attention etc. but did not find anything to help enough.