June 14th, 2014

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Modern Boston slangs, idioms

Hey there folks,
I need a little help with current Boston area slang. My attempts at googling have brought me to multiple, dubious travel guides and endless copy-paste pages whose info seems to originate from the Boston page of the Language Schools site and relies heavily on an exaggerate Boston accent.

What I'm looking for specifically, are regional slangs, idioms and even speech patterns that a young, male, non-native Bostonian might pick up after ten plus years of living in the city and might reasonably continue to use outside of the Boston area. (i.e; things like local place names/nicknames won't be of any help) The character in question would have moved to Boston at eighteen, lived there up until 2013 and socialized (outside of school) in mostly upper middle class circles.

For example, what are the three main meals of the day called? Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner? Breakfast/Dinner/Supper?
Does your car have a "turn signal" or a "blinker?" Is it "soda" or "pop?"

That sort of thing, plus any local, notable speech patterns or idioms- like how I've noticed as native west coaster, that people in the midwest love the phrase: "Don't you know?"  

Any help would be much appreciated! 

Accommodation for a Ph.D student studying at London School of Economics

I'm looking for help in deciding where in London my character, a young woman in her mid twenties, would live while she's studying at the LSE. I've looked at their website but that only has details about their own accommodation and I'd prefer her to be in private rented accommodation. My own uni years were spent in a beautiful Welsh seaside town so I just don't know where to go with a city as large as London.

I know that London rents are extortionate and it's likely that she'd have flat mates to share the cost, I just don't know where their flat would be. I don't want to put her in an area that isn't 'studenty' - she has a part time job outside of her research hours, but not one that could put her in a delightful pied a terre In Knightsbridge, for example. Having her travel within London on the Tube wouldn't be a problem and would help the story.

Any advice would be very gratefully received. Thank you.