May 15th, 2014


[ANON POST] Caning Hands- Appearance and Treatment

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Setting: Modern times- hypothetical situation where a (strong, angry, vengeful) teacher canes a kid in a country where corporal punishment has been banned. The characters have access to a first aid room at a sporting facility, but the medic who normally works there has gone home and isn't available to them. One character gets hand blisters from playing tennis- would his knowledge of how to treat his own hands help for the caned hands?

Search terms: tried in both google and my university library database- corporal punishment, caning, caning hands, caned hands treatment, corporal punishment schools, caned hands schools, caning hands schools 1800s
Winter Soldier

PTSD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Psychiatric Hospital Treatment

Hey, friends, it's me again.

I'm back and this time writing a fan fiction that is post Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where a character is placed into a Psychiatric Hospital after the events due to all the trauma he's suffered over a 70 + period of time. There's a good chunk of the story that'll be taking place there and because of that I really want to make sure I can get this as correct as I can manage.

Putting details under a cut due to possible triggers:

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