May 7th, 2014

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Background of an 'Alian Romanov'

Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster. If I get anything wrong, sorry!

SETTING: Turn of the century Russian Empire
SEARCH TERMS: Alian name meaning ; Alian name origin ; Alian Russian name ; Alian Jewish ; Alianovna [which brought me back to the character I'm trying to research FOR, oops] ; variations of all of the above

In both the Marvel comics and movies, the character of Natasha Romanoff has as her full, original name 'Natalia Alianovna Romanova'. As 'Alian' is one of the more obscure names, for the past two years, every few months or so, I've been trying to find out a likely background for her father. I've googled every combination of the search terms listed above, but either I've just hit babyname sites, or a handful of references on a couple of ancestry sites - with most of the info behind paywells. I've managed to pin down that 'Alian' can be both a Jewish and Muslim name, and that 'Alian Romanov' isn't an unheard of combination for some men living in the US circa 1940 (the US just happening to be where I got some info on). I've seen mention in some comments about Natasha's background that 'Alian' struck someone as being Persian, and when I asked a Russian fannish friend, she said that it didn't seem to mean anything to her.

So! My questions are: assuming Natasha was born 1928, in Stalingrad/current-day-Volgograd [as per comics] with a father called Alian Romanov, what's a possible background for him? Would he be Jewish? An immigrant or someone from a different region of Russia who adopted a more Russian surname? (Keeping in mind his daughter is a fair-skinned, blue/green-eyed redhead). His parents just happened to really, really like obscure names? I tend to see him as older when Natasha is born, but that's pretty flexible.

Any ideas? Or any ideas of where else to look?

[ANON POST] Narcotics Prescription for Ex-Drug Addict

OK, I Googled "Is it safe to take narcotics after using cocaine?" and didn't get anything useful. (And now I'm probably being investigated by the FBI . . .) I know from previous searches that cocaine itself remains in your system for one to three days, but the chemicals your body makes in response to the cocaine remains in your blood for much longer--as long as several months.

Now, my character is a recovered drug addict (cocaine and morphine). She's been clean for about a year. Then for reasons that would take way too long to get into, she decides to take a decent-sized dose of cocaine. A short time later, she runs afoul of a forest fire and has to be treated for smoke inhalation and burns. She's treated by a doctor who knows her her history. The doctor runs some tests on her blood and discovers that my character used cocaine recently. I need it to know what the soonest after my character used cocaine it would be safe for her to take hardcore painkillers. I know that because of my character's history of abusing morphine, the doctor would be reluctant to prescribe narcotics, but I'm handwaving it by saying that she's just in that much pain.

Setting is US in about fifty years.