May 3rd, 2014

Does this plane crash sequence work

This is for my fungal zombies again. I've asked about most of this before, as well as having asked an aviation-crash expert I know, I'm just trying to figure out if I'm missing anything.

A small airliner with about 100 passengers (not less, not *too* many more) is flying over western Colorado. Some bad weather comes up and blows them a bit off course (unless there's an appropriate route that flies over the bit I need). The electrical system goes spectacularly kerflooey, knocking out communications (optional) and the engines, and starting a fire that's filling the cabin with smoke. The pilot glides the plane to the closest she can find to a flat landing space, somewhere in the largish chunk of nothing in particular north of the I-70, and/or in the Arapaho national forest (I need rescue to take a while to arrive).

The landing jostles everybody pretty badly (including some will-probably-be-fatal-soon internal injuries), and kills one guy who didn't have his seatbelt fastened properly. Everyone else is dazed, and coughing/out of it from the smoke, but alive (for the moment, at least).

Several others die of smoke inhalation and/or their injuries (after the first dead guy bites them), at which point the remainder are under threat not only from smoke and blunt force trauma, but predatory zombies.

Anything seem wrong about the sequence, technically speaking?

edit: apparently, several things...