April 28th, 2014


[ANON POST] Parents Voluntarily Transferring Custody of One Child

Setting: Generic contemporary America (with magic!)

Searched so far: Googled "child custody," "give up custody," "transfer custody," etc. I got a lot of promising looking results, but a lot of them were just citations of legal code, which doesn't really help me with my exact scenario and, frankly, was kind of over my head. I read the Wikipedia articles on custody and guardianship, which, again, weren't exactly what I was looking for. I also found these two (http://little-details.livejournal.com/2770369.html)posts (http://little-details.livejournal.com/2658742.html) on this community, which are also close, but not perfect, as they mostly deal with teens.

Situation: Main character A is the oldest of five children, whom I'll call A (27 years old), B (20), C (17), D (15), and E (12). The parents basically threw A out of the house when she was 17 because they considered her a bad influence on her brothers and sisters (she has magic in a world where it's considered evil). She managed to get her life together and has a home, job, and friends. Now, E is showing the same tendencies, and the parents want him gone as well.

Question: I'm wondering what sort of legal wrangling would be required or helpful to transfer custody of E to A. A lives in a different city, but the same state, so E will have to switch schools, and A will probably have to prove that she is his legal guardian. Will a power of attorney suffice? Would the whole group or some combination eventually have to appear before a family court judge? Would A have to get some sort of foster-parent certification?

If it makes a difference, I would like for E to be dropped in A's lap kind of suddenly. If their father is a lawyer, would it make sense for him to show up with E and say "Sign this... now he's your problem?" A is quite willing and able to take care of her brother.

Thank you in advance for any information! I hope I can make my story at least believable!


*deep breathe* Okay. This one might sound a little weird so bear with me, please.

So, this story I'm planning to write is set in a superhero universe, where the characters have superpowers like flight, telepathy, pyrokinesis and so on. No, it wont be set in the DC or Marvel universe. I'm taking characters from a debatably-normal universe and giving them powers.


A little backstory:

The focus character, a boy at the age of 8 ( or 10. still haven't decided. ) went on a fishing trip with his father and grandfather ( his mother died years prior ). The boat was attacked by sharks, his father and grandfather died, and he was left at the boat for 6 to 8 hours before he was rescued. Needless to say, he was left with a case of PTSD and Anxiety Disorder. He is then taken from one orphanage to another, not receiving the help needed for someone of his condition, ( or rather, refusing to acknowledge said condition ) until he reaches the age of 13, when he manifests superpowers. This is the tricky part. His power is to turn into half-shark. With the sight, smell, electroreception and sonar senses of a shark, along with fangs and scales and a constant reminder of his traumatic experience.

So here's my question: What are the most realistic reactions, long term coping mechanisms and psychological injuries for someone in this situation? I've done all the research I can with the resources I have on PTSD, and all I found where ways to recover. no explanation of how wrong it could go when left untreated. I don't have any personal experience in this field, and I don't want to offend anyone with PTSD or undermine their struggle by getting anything wrong.

So... Help? This is the first time I ask a question here, sorry if it's a little jumbled up or all over the place!