April 22nd, 2014


[ANON POST] Election Night Parties, UK

Where & when: UK, 15 minutes into the future

Search terms: election night party uk, variations thereof. Found a few pictures and a great deal of advice on how to throw your own and how to find fun ones, which is not what I'm looking for.

I foolishly began a scene where all of the characters are at the soon-to-be Prime Minister's election night party, without having any idea of how these look in the UK. It's an atypical event for plot-related reasons, but the viewpoint character would have been at a number of these things and would be making mental comparisons to the last time around. For all intents and purposes, they're currently the ruling party.


1. Am I correct in assuming that it would look like equivalent events in the US—basically a big, expensive party in a hotel ballroom or convention centre with a giant screen showing live results? If so, would they be watching the tallies on the BBC?

2. Would it be in London? Does it make a different where the PM's own constituency is?

3. Would MPs be holding their own local events, or would they be present at the PM's? (If it makes a difference, one MP is particular has had a huge role in the PM's victory and is a big deal in her own right; would she be in attendance?)

4. Would it be unusual to have the children of various politicians running around?

5. How much of it is boring speeches versus getting hammered?

6. Judging by what I did manage to find, expenses are under a lot of scrutiny and criticism. The economy is terrible; do they get defensive about having pricey champagne or posh hotel suites?

7. Any other important traditions or details? Does Labour still sing "The Red Flag"?

Thanks in advance; you folks are always so helpful.
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Foster Care Procedures for Abandoned Child from Age 5 to 16

Hey, guys. Long-time reader, first-time asker here!

Prior Research Topics/Sources: foster care, foster homes, orphans, foundlings, abandoned children, non-citizen children abandoned in states, adoption, sixteen-year-old orphans, foundling citizenship, accents in developing children, memory in five-year-olds, when children learn parents' names, posts in this comm's custody & social services tag

I'm fleshing out the timeline of a work of original fiction that's set in present day California, specifically the Bay Area. The timeline in question spans from 2003 to now. Although if shifting the timeline forward or back by a few years would help the believability of this timeline, that'd be okay. The story is just ambiguously contemporary.

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Thank you all so much!