April 3rd, 2014


Passport for Newborns

The story is set in modern times.
Main character is a British citizen; born and raised. Also he was born after Jan. 1 1983.   He has lived his whole life in the UK except for the last three, almost four years. Spent one year travelling the world travelling and the rest of the time was spent in the US. In that time character got married and had twins.
In a tragic turn of events the wife (US citizen) dies shortly after giving birth from injuries sustained in a car crash.
My question is what kind of passport would the newborns be eligible for?
Can they get a British passport without a US one?
Their father never began the process to become a US Citizen and plans on moving back to the UK with his children who are 3 months old. Yes, they were born in the US.
Would it make a difference if the father, because of his old job, has connections to powerful people in the government and probably with the Royal Family?
I checked sites for British passport and citizenship eligibility and was not sure what would fit for this situation.

Thanks im in advance for your help.