March 29th, 2014


Injury: Getting thrown against a wall.

Setting: original fantasy world roughly similar to Earth in terms of gravity, etc.

I tried googling "blunt trauma" and "getting thrown from a horse" as the closest real-life event I could think of and "realistic movie injuries" as the kind of injury I'm thinking of I've only seen in movies and they aren't very good representations of a realistic injury. I got some good information about blunt trauma but I want some more specifics. I was afraid to google "getting slammed against the wall" because of the possibility of bringing up websites I'd rather not see...

In my story, a young man (in good physical condition) wearing hardened leather armor is confronting a monster about 15-20 feet tall. I want the monster to throw him against a wall, but I need him to be able to walk (or hobble) away from the event and survive. Broken bones are okay and from the little research I was able to find, he'd probably have a concussion. But is this possible or do I need to tone down this moment in the fight? What other injuries would he be likely to have?

Caveats: The young man in question is protected by a little bit of magic that makes him slightly more resilient than a normal human being, but it's not enough to make him untouchable and it doesn't heal instantaneously.

EDIT: Thanks everyone! Got some good answers for injuries and other things to search for.