March 19th, 2014

Any science fail I'm missing in my fantasy idea?

location: alternate Earth with magic, but most of the laws of physics and such are basically the same. Same world discussed here.
research: honestly wasn't sure what to do here. Mostly going off of the physics classes I had in college and my general knowledge of science. I don't think there are sites that tell you how *not* to break the laws of physics. I asked something similar in Yahoo Answers, but didn't get anything useful.

I'm basically trying to figure out how to have the magic I want, while bending/breaking as few natural laws as possible.

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Now, I'm pretty sure I'm throwing entropy right out the window, or at least making it very unhappy. And I have a reasonable handwave for conservation of matter/energy (excess matter becomes dust when someone is distilled into something smaller than a human body, extra matter for things like ever-renewing ink is pulled out of the air, matter-to-energy conversion or absorbed heat or kinetic energy for motive force, et cetera). But, other than the distilled relics, the universe operates on basically the same physical laws as ours.

Are there any other natural laws I'm in danger of breaking, with magical objects that mostly either transform one type of matter into another, or move themselves around without outside motive force, or (to varying degrees) read minds, adjust probability, or the like? Any other categories of magical objects you can think of that wouldn't make scientists cry too hard? Etc.

Also, any thoughts on whether the irregularity of physical laws with regard to the relics would make it hard for people of scientific bent *in* that world to develop science/figure out scientific laws, or would they just decide that relics were an exception to those laws? I'm thinking it wouldn't necessarily affect, or might even slightly improve, very early science (eg "When I do A, B happens"), but might impede the development of the idea that there are inherent, underlying rules to the universe.

[ANON POST] Swamp Fever in Horses

This seems like it should be an easy detail to find, but I've searched my old Pony Club manuals and the "Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook," as well as Wikipedia and other online sources to no avail.

I'm aware of the various symptoms of equine infectious anemia (aka swamp fever), but I can't find what actually kills the horse in the end. Fever? Irregular heartbeat? Either? I know they're often euthanized before that point because of the risk of infection, but I can't find what kills them if they aren't.

Setting is roughly modern day US, but it's not super relevant.