February 21st, 2014


[ANON POST] Muslim Faith Leadership Roles for Women

I have a Somali-American woman in the Twin Cities, and I'd like to make her some sort of Muslim faith leader, but I don't know where to begin. I've read a lot of stargazer's blog, and I've Googled variations on "Muslim faith leaders women" and "female Muslim religious leaders." I got a lot of stuff for Muslim women by Muslim women, which was excellent, but very theoretical: what women could do, not what women do do. I also got a lot bigoted junk about how Muslim men are all misogynistic and never let "their women" do anything, so, yeah.

She's about forty years old and widowed. She has a teenage daughter, but no other children. Her education, employment, etc. can be whatever's required. I'm considering making her a professor of something relevant at the University of Minnesota as a day job, but, again, whatever's best.

Setting is around 2010.

yellowsub no idea

19th century hallucinogenic drugs - specific side effects needed

Time/Place: Victorian London, circa 1887
Search terms used: "19th century hallucinogens", "Victorian hallucinogens", "Victorian aphrodisiacs", "hallucinogen sexual effects"

This is for the same Victorian urban fantasy story in my earlier post (a big thank-you to all the people who replied, btw! you guys were extremely helpful!). One of the subplots involves a young woman, Miss A, who is the daughter of a murdered professor (and who isn't the most mentally stable person, even before her father's death). Over the course of the story, she grows more and more obsessed with Mr. B, the policeman who's working to solve the murder.

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