February 10th, 2014

  • makamu

Chinese cultural conventions and clinical testing procedures (specifically in diabetes care

Setting: contemporary China
Search terms used "Chinese cultural conventions in clinical testing" (which gives me a lot on the importance of cultural conventions to clinical testing generally), "Chinese cultural conventions in clinical blood testing" and "Chinese cultural conventions in the clinical testing of diabetes products".

I have a somewhat weird question: One of my characters is a diabetic and currently lives in China. There, he is asked to participate in a clinical test series for a new blood sugar measuring device, which also automaticaly injects the correct amount of insulin into the patient's veins.

Now, my question is this: would the testing procedure differ in any way from a Western hospital (assuming that the Chinese hospital is practicising Western-style medicine) due to cultural taboos? Just as an example, might patients be told, for example, to collect the blood from their pricked fingers in a clean container before applying it to the test stripe), rather than applying it directly to the test stripe (my research indicates that this is how Western hospitals do it?)?

Thanks for your help. It's much appreciated

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