February 3rd, 2014

Modern household help - number and hiring

When/where: real life, any major American city

Searched: read Wikipedia article on "butler"

Anyone out there have personal experience with this, either upstairs or down?

My MC (who has graced these pixels before) is a Wall Street /wunderkind/ currently living in a co-op on the Upper East Side.

Within about a year she expects to be a) married, b) pregnant, and c) living in a suitable suburb, perhaps somewhere like
She's not into conspicuous consumption, but does want to keep things in good working order.

1) What does such a place take in the way of servants? I expect there's going to be a full-time cook; maintenance and grounds-keeping will be contracted out, and there will be full-time child care when the time comes. Housekeeper - full- or part-time?

2) There will, of course, be agencies happy to help you fill these positions. How hard is it to find good people without going through an agency (e.g. word of mouth)?