January 28th, 2014


[ANON POST] Unique British Nicknames

Does anyone know of any nicknames used only in the UK (and not the US)? E.g., "Baz" for Barry. (Though I can't use that one, or "Gaz"/Gary for story-related reasons.)

The story is set in the modern day real world, and the character in question is English, male, born in London, 41-years-old and now working for the military.

I've tried searching "unique british/english nicknames" on Google but all I get are either lists of uncommon first names, or lists with nicknames (like this one http://www.britishbabynames.com/blog/uncommon-and-unusual/) we absolutely do use in the US (like "Nico" for Nicolas, "Alfie" for Alfred, etc.) I've also tried looking for derivations of Baz/etc. but that has given me only more of the same, like Bazza/Mazzer/etc.

Thanks in advance.

[ANON POST] French Name: Aphrodite

Setting is modern day US, but it doesn't have to be the modern form of the name or a name that's used in the US, or even really used in France. I've been Googling variations on "French form of Aphrodite" and looking on baby name websites (Behind the Name, etc.).

My French-speaking mother informs me that there's no particular French form of the name "Aphrodite;" it's spelled the same way, though pronounced differently. Is this true, or is there a specifically French spelling?
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Modern police methods - SWAT manual

Pointed out on the forums for a fanfic site, and possibly of interest to anyone writing about SWAT tactics, the police in California, etc: The official Californian manual on SWAT tactics etc.

California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training
SWAT Operational Guidelines and Standardized Training Recommendations