January 23rd, 2014

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  • ceares

US Military Family Plan Emergency

My character is a single parent in the US Marines. I'm aware she has to have a family plan with a primary and a back-up care taker. In this scenario, both fail, she is currently deployed and she has no one that she can just call up to handle the situation. The child is currently in a safe situation(that will eventually become the new family plan situation and back up situation). I'm also aware she has to notify the military of the change within 30 days and provide a new family plan within 90.

My question is:
1. Would she be able to get emergency leave (or apply for regular leave asap) to come home and take care of the situation or would it all have to be handled from her location? (She's in contact with the current caretaker by cell and email with spotty service where she is)

2. How much trouble would she be in because the back-up portion of her family plan actually changed within the past year and she never notified or updated, thinking the back-up would never be needed ? There will be a new one in place in the allotted time, just how much and what type of trouble for the previous failure to notify.


Searched Google and Yahoo for Single parents in the military, Emergency leave, Military leave standards, family contact during deployment, additionally went through the archives here for US military misc to see if anything applied.