January 16th, 2014


Musicians and their social status in victorian era

I already read most of the victorian tagged posts in this community and googled like crazy all possible word combinations without any luck whatsoever.

I'm working on a story set during the victorian era. I have two characters who are engaged to be married: one is a musician (violinist, whom is basically a genius and a son to a very important business man -who let's say makes THE best musical instruments of all England, hence earning lots of money out of their trade) and the other one is a judge's daughter.

I know that during that period one could marry up, but it was really frowned upon to marry down the social ladder. I'm really not trying to build up a story that's very strict on historical facts, however, this is kind of basic fact that I don't think anyone would be able to ignore (after all we all know that social status and marriage was a HUGE deal in victorian era).

So I have two questions:

A) is it possible that a woman who's rich and a daughter to a very respected man (considering her father is a judge and holds a public position) to marry a musician? -they are both rich after all and money would not be an issue here.

B)I know some entertainment professions were frowned upon (like actresses), but I could never find anything about musicians other than it was a big deal for victorians to attend concerts since the etiquette around it was strictly enforced.
the type of character I'm aiming for is to have a famous classical musician (like I said before, a genius), with remarkable good reputation. As to his connections, I guess he would have important ones as artistic talent with no doubt brings sympathizers and favors.

My gut tells me that there should be no problem, but since the musician's money comes from trade (and concerts) I don't know if this would become a major obstacle for them to get married. Any help of this issue would be greatly appreciated!