January 11th, 2014


[ANON POST] Hospital Stay Time with GSW in Leg

chicago, 2012

i'm not really sure if i've researched properly but i'm writing a fic where one character gets shot in the leg, and i still had some questions.

how long would he stay in the hospital?
searching "shot in leg" "recovery time", "bullet in leg" "recovery time", and gunshot leg "recovery time" give me overall recovery, but not the hospital stay itself

would he be allowed out to watch the competition/celebrate afterwards and what would his restrictions be, etc?
"day release hospital" is just people dying after release. i don't really know what to search

lastly, when would they transfer him home, if at all? [if he's only there for a few days, why bother, right :)]
"transferring hospital" and "transferring patients" between hospitals america mostly gave me australian procedures/rules. and nothing on times anyway