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low-tech childbirth and complications

I am dealing with a childbirth gone wrong in a fantasy/low-tech world, and I’ve searched every combination of childbirth, midwifery, complications, bleeding, and various conditions I can come up with, and read quite a few useful articles (and a number of related questions here), but I’m lacking on some details.

Based on my research, I believe the mom is suffering placenta previa. There is a midwife on hand - a decent one, not incompetent but no miracle worker either. Obviously mom is going to die, but I need the kid to make it. He’s at least close enough to full term to be completely viable, so that’s not an issue, more him surviving the birth. I have a few questions on details that I don’t seem to be able to find anywhere.

1. Could a partial or less severe placenta previa allow her not to bleed significantly during the end of pregnancy? Were this the case, could the child still be born vaginally? (the kid can have a rough time of it, he just has to have at least a chance of surviving) Or should I be chucking the idea of placenta previa in favor of something else that would allow for hemorrhaging?

2. At what point would she start bleeding heavily? Once she does, how fast would she go and would the midwife try to do anything to save or comfort her? I’m finding plenty about what modern OB’s and midwives do about bleeding, but in a time where massive blood loss = certain death is there much of anything they would even attempt?

Thank you for any answers or shoves in the right direction you can give me.

Tags: ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: reproduction

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