December 27th, 2013

Im Yong Su poses in his sleep

Prosecution by a government in exile

Setting: Japan and South Korea, twenty minutes into the future (Dangan Ronpa AU)
Searches: "Government in exile" + "prosecution", a bit at a loss for this since I don't know of any precedents.

In this AU Japan has been pretty much trashed into post-apocalyptia. A somewhat raggedy government in exile's been set up and headquartered in South Korea, where many of the escaped refugees have gathered. Things have calmed down somewhat and international aid is coming in, but the police and such are still pulling themselves together, there's little in the way of real legal authority inside the country's borders, and rebuilding is going to take a long time. In the midst of all this a Japanese citizen has been publicly revealed to be a serial killer, the murders all taking place in her home country prior to the mini-apocalypse.

Rough draft has her being sent over to Korea, where there's still functioning prisons and a functioning legal system which are "borrowed" by what's left of the Japanese government. They figure this is better than keeping her penned up in a refugee camp, where security is questionable. On-the-spot execution is problematic for political reasons.

Is there any legalese I can throw around to explain the "borrowing"? Any other ideas on what would be the most sense-making way of dealing with her? I've never heard of prosecution in one country for something that happened entirely in another country with another country's citizens involved, but it doesn't seem right for her to just go waltzing around without problems.

Thanks for your time!