November 17th, 2013

  • pipmer1

Manner of death determination

I found out about this community from a fellow writer-friend, and my searches haven't been conclusive on this topic, so I'd thought I'd try my hand here.

I'm unsure how to classify the manner of death for an allergic reaction to food. Would it be classified as natural, or accidental? This is with the caveat that nobody intended any harm with the person's consumption.

For a related but separate scenario: if the person having an allergic reaction was administered epinephrine but ultimately died not from the allergy from a side effect of the epi, would THAT manner of death be natural or accidental?

The setting for all this is modern-day London. I've tried searching on google, bing, wikipedia, even WebMD and I've tried phrases like 'manner of death for allergies' 'examples of death by natural causes', 'examples of accidental death', 'death by Anaphylaxis'.