November 11th, 2013

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was the name Áigin in use among the Saami in the 350's AD?

Hey Lil Deets, I gots you a question that is so obscure I don't even know if it's possible to search!

Basically, I want to find out if the name Áigin was a name in use among the Saami in 350's-380's AD.

I know, I know! That's ridiculously specific. I have my reasons. General information on the name Áigin, and if it's a nonsensical name to choose, and on Saami historical names in general would also be appreciated. (Googly gives me Áigesárri, which is so close (and yet so far) that it leads me to believe it would indeed be a possible name, but I don't wanna to jump to conclusions.)

And hell, if some lovely user has information on Saami life and culture in the 350's-380's AD at all, then I would love that user to bits.

Things I Goog'd: "sami names" "saami names" "saami historical names" "Áigin" "Áigin name" "Áige" "Áigin name history" "Áige name history" (ps a name archive! :D!), "sami history" "saami history".

PS: the one source that made a possible inroad on said name said it might be related to "Áige," which apparently means stg like "time"? this would be Thematically Appropriate if it existed, but if anyone can confirm or deny that I'd appreciate!

Thanks in advance!