October 17th, 2013

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My character is a homeless dude in present day US (San Francisco) who busk-dances. He isn't receiving any benefits. He breaks his leg, can't dance and applies for medicaid. I've googled online to no avail and emailed the medicaid site - no reply - and can't find answers to these questions (I'm not a US resident).

Would my character need to bring in a doctor's certificate?

Would it come in the form of a cheque he has to pick up, or can it be an automatic payment?

Is there anything that would get in the way of him being eligible, say not having an address?

Roughly how much weekly would he receive?

Any help is appreciated!
Pray for the people inside your head

Details of an Edwardian(ish) Gay Club

1910ish, London. Two fellows are looking for a place to have a dalliance. Their homes are out of the question.
Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me find any sort of description of what I'm after: That sort of gentleman's-club-cum-brothel, a là the Hundred Guineas Club (even a higher-class brothel would do in a pinch, I suppose).
Fact or timely fiction, I just need a better picture in my mind. I don't want to lead the men into a featureless limbo.

I've searched far too much to give you the terms, but my problem is that I cannot seem to escape from results on the gay panic of the gay nineties, if not before. I am well-versed in that, trust, but it's really not what I'm after.