October 15th, 2013


Search for a missing person in Japan, mid-late 90s

How long would someone generally need to be missing before the police would file a report? Or does that vary between prefectures? Also, what - other than the name and description of the missing person - would go into the report? I tried Google, but all I got were US police pages, and some action movies, believe it or not.

Can you guys help me out?

Search terms used: Japanese police procedures, missing persons, late 90s

[ANON POST] Discreet Campfires?

Can the community help this anon?

I am writing a story set in the far northern part of a fantasy world (think Scandinavia or Alaska - lots of pine forests, mountains, tundra), corresponding roughly to the early/high middle ages (around 900-1100) in terms of technological advancement. What I'm looking for is a way of making fire while remaining undetected by enemies nearby, particularly at night. I've googled a lot of information about Dakota fire holes, but I've got a feeling they wouldn't function with permafrost (or in really rocky mountain soil, for that matter).