October 8th, 2013

[ANON POST] Bleaching a Corpse

Search terms: bleaching a corpse, turning a corpse white, bleaching hair and skin, variations thereof. Turned up a lot of costuming suggestions.

Setting: Dystopic near-future London.

My characters, currently living underground, need to turn the skin and hair of a few corpses as white as possible. The effect doesn't need to be perfect; it just needs to hold up at a distance. I've found a number of articles about what happens to a living person's hair and skin if you bleach it, but naturally, I couldn't find anything about what happens if you do it with an already dead body.

Would dumping the bodies in a vat of bleach actually work? Is there a more effective/dramatic way? Said characters have access to some resources, but not much.

Rank and job title of mechanic during combat missions in United States Army.

I have a small detail in the background of a character I'm about to write in a story. He's a disabled Afghanistan veteran (United States Army). As an enlisted man in the service he was the guy who made mechanical repairs to weapons or equipment when soldiers get attacked during transport (he's on the humvee). So, what's his rank and job title? And for that matter, what might malfunction that he could fix and save their bacon during a firefight? And... correct me if he wouldn't be in the Army, but another branch of the service. And if he wouldn't be enlisted. And... they'd be driving a "humvee: right? ~_~ I kind of sound like a schmuck writing something I know so little about, but it's literally going to just be a line he says when he introduces himself with his name and former rank (he's been discharged now). And a line when he tells a very brief story of how he got his nickname.

I've tried Googling stuff like "united states army who makes mechanical or technical repairs on the field". It was very not useful, and I can't think of a better way to phrase it.

use of “taking the piss” by a woman (Australian, 1971)

I have a scene set in 1971 in the Boston area, where an adult woman, a recent immigrant from Australia, is talking to a teenager that she is friendly with, but doesn’t know very well.

“Well said, Miss Women’s Lib of 1971.” Margaret chuckled...

Cassie felt her ears get warm. “I didn’t mean—”

“It’s all right,” Margaret interrupted. “I was just—taking the piss out of you, as we say back home. Thank you so much for explaining all this. It’s been hard for me, being new in the country and not knowing anyone.”

Is “taking the piss” too coarse for this speaker, this kind of relationship, and this time period? Is there another phrase that would be more appropriate?

Wikipedia also suggests “taking the mickey” or “taking the Michael”. I looked at some vocabulary lists of Australian dialect, but nothing else really seemed right.

adTHANKSvance as always.