September 13th, 2013

Vintage Firearm to order? Or resources on exact specs?

I am trying to pick out a period and character-appropriate firearm for my MC 1930's detective (1932 to be precise). I was all set to give him a Colt M1911 .45. Easy to come by, reliable, more "modern" than a revolver. Setting is England but MC is wealthy and well-travelled, so origin/price is no obstacle.

Now however, a petite female has stolen MC's gun and will have to use it a couple of times (at close quarter), which means concealed carry. Not really feasible for a 5'0" young lady in 1930's frocks/handbags, according to the specs I've found on the Colt.

There is a huge amount of info out there, I am just having trouble sifting through it to find relevant decision-points. There is a lot of historial/technical/design info, but sorting it out to - what could be used by the girly-girl but not seem silly when carried by MC? Some possible alternatives I have found are the Pieper Bayard 1908, and several models of Beretta (though the Berettas of the time just seem so dinky).

Any advice to where I can find more subjective reviews and data on using/carrying vintage guns, instead of just buying/selling/fixing them?

Have wiki'd "service revolvers" and "firearms history", then googled "specs" and "range reviews" and "range reports" on the various possible models. More a question of overload than not finding anything.
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Uranium mines, ventilation systems, and lethal gases

Hi there,

I've been wrecking both my head and my Google-fu for a while, but to no avail. I hope you can help me clarify a couple of points.

Setting: sci-fi, fictional ice-covered planet. Advanced technology (think interstellar travels, laser beams and so on). Dystopia.

My MC works in an uranium mine. He's not aware of the real nature of what he's mining; he's an inmate on a prison-planet, he's been given a task, and the government keeps the whole thing under wraps. He has a standard mining gear (dust mask, hard hat, goggles, flashlight) and that's about it. Neither the government nor the guards (whose health is not affected by breathing in uranium/radon) really care about enforcing safety measures, as long as the steel boxes are filled with ore. There's a ventilation system up and running. Action takes place inside it.

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[ANON POST] Folklore Fact-Check: Crossing Running Water Three Times

I remember reading something somewhere in some fantasy novel about how in some folklore, you get to the land of Faery(?) by crossing running water three times. Does anyone know if this is actual folklore and, if so, for which people?

I've searched Wikipedia's articles on fairies, Tir na nOg, and so on, but I haven't found anything, and I searched "faery crossing running water three times" and got only stuff about fairies not being able to cross running water.

[ANON POST] Wildlife Poaching around Chernobyl

I know that the area around Chernobyl has become a thriving wildlife refuge. Inevitably, this means that there are also poachers who come to kill the wildlife, especially the wild horses. Does anyone have any idea how the poachers get in and out of the zone?

All of the major roads have guards. My guess is that (a) they use less well known roads, (b) they pay off the guards, or (c) they come in by water; but I have really no idea. Obviously I'm not expecting, "Well, when I was poaching radioactive horses . . ." but I'm hoping that someone might have an educated guess.

Setting is near future. I've looked at "Radioactive Wolves," a documentary on the zone's wolf population, and Googled variations on "Chernobyl poaching," but all I've got is that the horses are being poached, not how it happens. I wasn't expecting a definitive answer--if they knew how the poachers were getting in, they'd be able to stop them--but I was hoping for, again, an educated guess.