September 9th, 2013


Nothing to do with skeletons and roses. Probably.

Time: Within the last five years
Place: United States, rural western North Carolina to be specific
Search terms: truck unloading procedure general merchandise walmart, in various combinations
Looked in tags, found lots about travel, but didn't see this issue addressed

I have some (probably stupid) questions about delivering goods in eighteen-wheelers to Walmart-esque stores. I've found a few things but nothing that answers my questions.

The scenario is Trucker Guy, operating from a central depot, is making his last delivery of the day. How long will he be at the store, on the loading dock? How busy would he ordinarily be, as in, would he have time to watch the workers interact, under normal circumstances? Would he have time to grab a drink from the employee lounge? Grab a burger? Or is it, in, remove trailer, hand over paperwork/bump phones/whatever, attach new trailer (?), and away he goes?

And, since I'm here, I have two questions I'm not sure how to Google, one related to the previous questions. Firstly, I've heard plenty of old trucking songs where truckers name their rigs. And occasionally the trucks sing songs. Anyway, would my young (~thirtyish) male trucker these days be likely to name his truck?  

Secondly, I've never seen the Rockies except in pictures: would it be reasonable to say, if one was a wee bit melodramatic, that "The Rockies wear their menace openly in their hard, dry angles of stone and forest, while the southern Appalachians are deceptively gentle, smoothed into soft and misty folds by time"?