September 8th, 2013

Organisation of the MPS (London) - Homicide branch pratical working - Police officer career


I need informations for the story I am working on and since you have all been so helpful last time …

It's set between 2000 and 2013 in London and one of my MC is working for the Met as a DS then as a DI in the Homicide branch.

The first thing I would like to know is who his superiors are (from him up to the Commissioner) and what exactly their responsibility is. The main problem I am having is that there has been changes in the organisation of the MPS (fusion of the Specialist Crime Directorate and Central Operations in 2012 among others).

So I am looking for informations about the structure of the MPS, more precisely about the units dealing with homicides. I have made a lot of researches on the Internet and I have searched the MPS website extensively along with the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) website and the MPA (Metropolitan Police Authority) one.

I have found organisation charts for the ACPO ranks so that's pretty much sorted but once we get lower things get much more complicated to sort out.

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Thank you a lot for all information or correction you can provide me.

Have a nice day.