September 3rd, 2013

[ANON POST] Edo-period funeral sans body; back from the dead

I'm writing a story set in 1720s or 30s Edo, Japan. A group of commoners get very reliable news that their friend the ronin has been murdered, but there is no body. They do, however, get his swords. He has no family, so they want to memorialize him themselves. But without a body, how can they do this?

Everything I can turn up on funerals is about proper respect to the body of the deceased. I guess they could hold a wake with no burial, but I was kind of set on having a gravestone so that somebody could talk to it. (My first thought: they could go berserk and bury the swords.) In either case, burial or not, what would they do at the wake? Would the altar and offerings (rice, expected amenities like coins and white kimono) be there? Empty futon? Or no offerings, just mourners? Would the name on the altar be his posthumous ordination name, or his given name?

And what if the ronin came back several weeks/months later? I have no idea what he would have to do, at least legally speaking. Go get all the documents pertaining to his death/murder annulled, and apologize to the police? Would the grave (if there was one) be dug up and replaced with an actual grave? That doesn't seem pleasant, but leaving it up when he's back is just kinda creepy.

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Injuries from falling through glass

So I have two characters that get in a fight and one of them falls through a glass table.

I've scouted around on NaNoWriMo forums and googled a range of combinations including fall/table/glass/window/arms/injury but haven't found any specific answers. I checked the posts on here too but nothing came up that was specific enough for my scenario.

The characters are both female, around 17 years old. The fight goes awry and they both go crashing into the table. One girl cops it arms-first as she tries to break her fall.

I'd like her to end up with some pretty severe scars on her forearms, but I want to avoid nerve damage and a near-death experience. It can be serious but I'd prefer it not to be potentially fatal if possible. Plenty of blood and gore is ok as long as it doesn't lead to her being on the brink of death.

If she has serious wounds on both her arms, what would be the hospital procedure for this? Stitches? How many?
Did she cut a major artery (or will that only lead to potentially-fatal injury)?
How long would she be in hospital?
How long will the injuries take to heal?
What will the scars/injuries look like after a couple weeks, after a month, after a year?
Anything else I should know that I haven't asked?

For reference, this is present day, girls are in a boarding school scenario so teachers, not parents, will be involved.

Thanks in advance for any help you're able to give :)

Kidney disease and transplant

Hi everyone. This is my first article, and english is not my mother tongue, but I will try to be as clear as possible.

So I'm writing a book setting place in England (Sheffield/London) in the 2010's. My main character is a young 18 years old girl. For the need of the plot, I need her to have a kidney disease (That she had before the beginning of my story), bad enough so at one point it requires a transplant, but so she can be relatively in good shape for the first part of the story (three month or ich before the transplant is absolutely needed, where she goes out and live her life pretty normally, with or without medication but without going to hospital, even if there is side-effect). This disease can be compound by the fact that she didn't go to see a doctor for the 3 months of the plot.
At this point of this story, she would receive a kidney from her dad. I was wondering if maybe someone could help me in :

1) Finding a believable disease
2) Explaining why her father can give her his kidney but not her mother (It has to be the father, because of the plot... But I can't find a clear article on transplant compatibility relative to kidney...)
3) Be right in the way I describe the recovery from the transplant for both the girl and her dad.

At this point, I mostly do internet research. I started with the wikipedia articles on kidney, then kidney disease, then specific kidney disease, I checked the ref of all thoses articles and I went to the nearest library to medical stuff BUT! Thing is... Those articles are too technicals. There a lot of medical terms that I don't get and I kind of drowning in infos.

Any help or testify are welcomed. Thank you for your future input!