August 28th, 2013


Immediate response to a bombing or explosion in a city during prolonged conflict

Setting is an AU, mostly analogous to modern times with modern tech. Magic is present, but rare, and isn't relevant to the question. I have a modern country in the midst of a civil war that has been going on for thirteen years now. Government control is tenuous in some areas, and portions of the country are under rebel control.

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I need to know what would happen immediately after a bombing in a medium-sized city with an over-worked police department. I am thinking there will be about ten dead and 50 with injuries of varying severity. Effected buildings range from two to fifteen stories. My character comes across this scene about 30 minutes after the explosion, and I need to know what she might see happening, but an idea of what she missed would also be helpful. ETA: I'm referring to bombs planted in a building, or suicide bombings, not air raids.

Would bystanders familiar with first aid help to treat the victims until medics arrived? Would they be permitted/asked to stay and continue helping after medics arrived, if the medics were spread too thin to tend to all the injured? At what point would police cordon off the area- before or after the injured were removed? Would the bodies of those confirmed dead at the scene be immediately removed? What sorts of injuries might she encounter? Given that the country is in a state of civil war, would the explosion still be treated as a crime scene? What would police be doing, other than keeping onlookers out of the area, interviewing witnesses, and searching the area for other explosive devices? At what point does the debris begin to be cleared? How would firefighters respond?

So far I have googled variations on "police/first responder procedures for/responses to bombing/explosions" and "bombing/explosion aftermath" Little has turned up. Most of what I've found has been procedure for how to respond to an un-detonated device or a bomb threat, or personal stories of recovery.

Any help is appreciated!