August 23rd, 2013

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Prosecutor/Detective relationship, Current Day New York

Setting: Modern day | New York City, NY

Story Background: This is probably the product of watching one too many Law and Order episodes. (But it's not L&O fanfiction in the sense that none of the characters make an appearance.) I want to write about a NYPD homocide detective and an Assistant District Attorney getting hooked up (for lack of a better term) and eventually getting married. However my friend cautioned me that in some countries' legal systems two people in their positions would not be able to publicly acknowledge their relationship without getting reassigned or even fired due to conflict of interest. I am not sure how this works in New York.

Terms researched: "can a prosecutor have a relationship with a detective", "prosecutor code of conduct". Variations of such. This matter was not mentioned in American Bar Association's model rules. I WAS able to find a piece of news about a Prosecutor-Detective husband-and-wife team but it was twenty years ago in Texas.

My questions:

1. In current day New York City, can a prosecutor (namely an Assistant District Attorney) and a NYPD detective publicly have a relationship?

2. If yes, are there any caveats? (For example, will they still be able to work on the same cases?)

3. If no, is there anything they can do to circumvent this problem (as they both love their job and wouldn't want to quit)?

And if anybody have any information about to what extent do prosecutors and detectives work together on a case, I would love to hear it too.

Thank you very much!