August 18th, 2013


Fairy Tale or Folklore about Wartime Alliances

Hoo boy, this is a weird one.

I'm looking for a fairy tale (ideal), myth or piece of folklore about a group of people or kingdoms forming an alliance to defeat some sort of evil. The ideal would be something about multiple armies coming together against an evil creature or army, but anything with this sort of motif of alliance-against-evil would be great.

I'm fairly aware of fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm, and as written by Perrault or Andersen. I've got more than a passing knowledge of Celtic (esp. Welsh), Norse and Greek mythologies. The closest I could really think of was King Arthur uniting Britain, but that's not really the line I'm looking for -- it's an alliance of equals, not a unification.

I have googled combinations of "fairy tale" plus "alliances" "war" "armies" and the like. Also tried things about fictional wars with multiple armies, which mostly got me things about the Battle of Five Armies from The Hobbit.

Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated. If there's no folklore basis, I can just make it up, but the other parts of the story are heavily based in folklore and I'd rather have the overall arc.

Many thanks~

Edit to add: Looks like we have a winner in the (Number Varies) Chinese brothers! Thank you so, so much to everyone for their help and suggestions!
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British Pronounciation: Coinage and SCO19


These were tricky to research. I really need more of someone familiar with the English (British) language and the way things are referred to.

My MC are DIs in East London in modern times so their thoughts I'm trying to get accurate. They're uni-educated, well spoken men. Not looking for cockney accents.


I was wondering how are these things normally referred to:
1. Two pence - is it two pence or two pence piece? It's being used to compare it for size: "Large as a two pence ___?"

2. DI and DC are not armed and usually an Armed Response Unit is dispatched. Currently they are called SCO19, but are they referred in an abbreviated way or nicknamed like how the Metropolitan police is just referred to as Metro?


Again, as this is really more a cultural, spoken reference, my search terms I strongly suspect, were lacking. Nevertheless, they are:

two pence pronunciation, london coinage nicknames, british slang coin, british slang sco19, nickname sco19



Wow! Thank you all so much for the responses! Especially catching my Met/Metro error. The 2p, two-pee reference gives me food for thought. I'm probably being too detail-obsessed since it's only used twice in an entire story but it's used in a way it would have been glaringly obvious if incorrect.

"Armed response" seems to be the general consensus and it does read so much better.

You've all given me such great guidance- before and now. Thank you all for easing my worries!