August 11th, 2013


Smallpox: disease progression after rash develops

Setting: secondary world analogous to England in the 1350s, with some magic

The situation: A group of about 30 people suffers a smallpox outbreak.  They're relatively isolated from other people (though clearly not isolated enough!), and for plot reasons cannot call on anyone for outside assistance.  Food and drink aren't a concern, and a small number of the group (I'm thinking 3 - 4) are immune due to prior exposure.  The magic in this world is low-level stuff.  It's not going to cure anything, just help people survive.

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ETA: Thanks, all!  I love it when the answer I get is the answer I want.

How to work a "Mr. Big" sting into a US-based story

"Mr. Big" is an undercover interrogation technique used to elicit confessions in Canada and Australia.

When I started writing my story, which is based around the present day in Arizona and New York City, I didn't know that it is (apparently) not used in the US and according to one article is illegal to be used on US soil.

I am seeking one specific piece of data: is it still never used in the US? All the articles I can find say it isn't in use, but the most recent date is June of 2012.

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