July 20th, 2013


[ANON POST] American Hospital: Domestic Violence Victim Procedure

Okay, I have found some info trawling through the various tags here, but it's mostly in regards to sexual assault/violence, and my situation differs a little, so I hope it's okay to ask.

My character is in her mid to late twenties. Time and place doesn't really matter for the sake of the story, but let's say a hospital in a large city in the US, around the end of the 90s or the beginning of the 00s.

She's taken herself to hospital after a physical confrontation with her boyfriend. Her injuries aren't really serious enough to keep her in hospital for long (she wouldn't be admitted or anything), but I'm wondering what would happen at the hospital. It's not like she can explain her injuries away; it's clear she's been beaten.

She doesn't want the police involved, but would the hospital be required to report the incident?

Also, she calls her father, and he comes to meet her at the hospital. What sort of procedure would he meet when he arrives? Would they let him in to see her, or would they have some sort of security in place where he'd have to wait outside?

What sort of room/area would they be in? Is it likely they'd be away somewhere quiet or private, or would it be a main waiting/reception room with other people around? Would her dad be given any advice on what she will need in terms of support, or would the staff really keep out of it and keep to themselves?

I've tried to google this but I'm just getting a lot of statistics and a lot of police procedure. I can't actually find out what would happen at a hospital, especially if the police aren't to be involved at all. Would really appreciate some help!

Terms searched on Google:
- hospital procedure domestic violence
- domestic violence hospital
- intimate violence hospital
- hospitals calling police
- hospitals reporting domestic violence (this one was probably most useful but still not really what I want - I get a lot of "this is how staff can recognise cases of domestic violence and this is who you need to alert at the hospital", rather than how it immediately impacts the victim)

I've also tried googling some of the above statements with random state names to see if I can get something specific to a certain hospital, but this really only resulted in what "boards" and things hospitals have in place of support, rather than the actual procedure.

And I've looked through the following tags:

usa: healthcare and hospitals
~medicine: injuries — 6 uses
~medicine: injuries (misc) — 347 uses
~medicine: injuries to order
~sexual abuse & assault

There may be a couple more but I honestly can't remember right now, sorry :(

Historical: What names did Europeans have for Africa?

In the 1200 and 1300's if I'm lucky - but I'll take any historical names for Africa I can get :>. Thanks!

I've searched "European names for Africa" "What did Europeans call Africa in the 1800's" "Historical names for Africa" and I'm getting absolutely nothing.

1. By "Europe", I mean the continent and more specifically, France/Italy

2. I'm thinking of a term that might be used by either the more dramatic types or someone trying to make it *seem* more dramatic.
(Dark Continent would work if it weren't so VERY 19th century and Kipling-esque :>)

Hope that helps!