July 17th, 2013


[ANON POST] Effects of Choking/Strangulation

I have a character who is being choked. He's in his early twenties, a bit on the small side, and kind of skinny. His assaliant is about five years older and much larger and stronger. Said character needs to be able to survive the strangulation without too many ill effects.

I've Googled any combination of choking + strangulation + injuries from + surviving + passing out, etc.

(A few extra details: In my understanding, choking refers to cutting off air, while strangulation refers to cutting off the bloodstream while squeezing the neck. It's a mind control situation -- the attacker, while having had some fight training, probably wouldn't know the difference. He just basically grabs the victim's neck and starts squeezing, since that's what he's told to do.)

1. How long could the victim be strangled before he goes unconscious? For dramatic effect, I'd like him to be rescued just before he passes out. I've been getting wildly varied answers so far -- anywhere from less than a minute to four to ten (!) minutes.

2. Immediately afterwards -- what kind of injuries would he experience? I'm looking to be really specific here: Would there be bruising? If so, how long would it take to show and how bad would it be? Would he experience any trouble breathing or speaking?

Any help would be much appreciated!