July 14th, 2013

HTTYD:  Toothless Hiccup
  • fenm

Phantom limb pain/sensation several years after losing the limb?

Note: Spoilers for How to Train Your Dragon and some mildly spoilerish info for the second HTTYD movie.

Searches done:
Wiki search for "phantom limb pain".
Google search for "phantom limb pain".

So, I'm writing a How to Train Your Dragon fanfic. Since it's post-movie, it will feature Hiccup having lost his foot and using a prosthetic. Originally it was just going to be some vague time after the movie, but having seen the trailer for HTTYD2, I think I want to set it in that time frame (it's just a short day-in-the-life thing, so knowing the plot of the movie isn't necessary), The thing is, HTTYD2 is set five years after the first movie, and I'm wondering if Hiccup would still experience phantom limb sensations at that point.