July 2nd, 2013

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Disciplinary Action at Police Academy

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Googled: Disciplinary Action Police Academy (Which brought me to a pdf of the Yuba College Police Academy handbook). I've also checked the forums at officer.com.

Normally, I have a beta who used to work for the SJPD, but she's currently got RL issues and hasn't been available much. So... turning to you, little_details!

I'm currently writing a story in which my main character is enrolled in a police academy in a major city in New England. It's the first day of class and one of the new recruits shows up two minutes late. Someone else will be even later (let's say, ten minutes). I've arbitrarily decided that this first class of the day will be in Police Ethics (i.e. not Physical Training, where the instructor could assign laps or push-ups). So,

  1. What disciplinary action would be typical in this instance?

  2. Would there be any appreciable difference in severity for the recruit who arrives two minutes late versus ten?

  3. In the event that one of the recruits protests/tries to explain/etc, what would a typical reaction be? (The instructor will not have asked for an explanation.)

Thanks in advance!

Russian Presence in Baghdad & Basra in 1896

Have googled: Russian consul Basra 1890s; Russian consul-general Basra 1890s; Russian diplomatic relations Ottoman Empire; etc.

Here is my problem: I know that the proper Russian consulate didn't come before 1901. But I also know that although the British consulate in Basra didn't come before 1898 there was still a British (or Indian government) representative there. So it stands to reason that other nations with interests in the region could have representatives in Basra or Baghdad even if the formal, fully fledged consulate wasn't established until later. But I'd like to know one way or the other.
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Classical music, USSR 1910s - 1940s

Hi all, I am working on a novel (very nearly finished!) that is broadly about orchestral / chamber musicians in the USSR (mostly Leningrad) between the 1910s and the 1940s. I have a reasonably broad knowledge of classical music, but am not a musician myself. I need to decide on specific pieces that my characters play or work on at various points in the novel, and while I have a number of ideas I'd really like to throw it open to any musicians in the community, particularly any Russians. Any suggestions - as many as possible! - would be very gratefully received. A list of the types of piece needed is under the cut.

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Please feel free to make as many suggestions as possible - the more options I have to choose from, the better! And do let me know if you need any more information.

Construction of a crown

Surprisingly, this is difficult to research, because 'crown' is such a ubiquitous word.

I'm looking for generic terms for the motifs (crosses, fleurs-de-lys and so on) that stand up around the rim of a European crown.

I've tried combos of crown, construction, anatomy, parts, regalia, and looked in the Encyclopaedia Britannica and World Book Encylcopedia.  No luck so far.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ETA: Thank-you, everyone!  After the following of many links, and much appreciation of the bling therein, I've decided to go for 'embellishments'.