June 18th, 2013

Overnight work at a boarding stable

Is there a good reason to have someone in a boarding stable at night? I want to have a confrontation there after hours, and I had it in my head that maybe the guy who works there stayed overnight because...I don't know, they're really expensive animals and fires and emergencies are a thing. (And very wealthy people board there, the type to "spare no expense.") But I know next to nothing about stables, and now I'm worried the whole idea sounds silly. I tried looking on google, but I just kept getting job openings at local stables, which was not as helpful as it sounds. (tried several variations of "kinds of jobs in stables," "what it's like to work in a stable," and just plain old "boarding stables.") To be honest, most of the information I'm plotting with comes from reading other books set in stables, because the internet keeps directing me to local business websites that don't do much to tell me what it's like to work there.

ETA: The story is set modern day in New England. Thanks for all the great replies!

[ANON POST] What Is The Best Way To Slit Someone's Throat? Early Medieval Setting

Slightly creepy question that makes me wonder what someone would make of my google history: what is the best way to slit someone's throat? Preferably without getting drenched in blood?

The setting is early middle ages, and the person being killed is not an enemy but a friend facing an inevitable long, slow death - the slit throat is intended as a mercy kill (incidentally, is there another more reliable/quicker/less painful/generally better way of ending someone's life with a sharp blade? Perhaps a severed cervical spine/brain stem? And if so, what's the best way to accomplish that?). From what I can gather, the best way of doing it is to stand behind and cut hard and deep enough to sever both carotid arteries, which aren't as close to the surface as the jugular but bleed out much faster. I'm not a doctor or an assassin, though, so I may be wrong. Also, how much force/how sharp of a blade does it actually require to cut really deep like that? How fast does death come? Is there another more reliable/quicker/less painful/generally better way of ending someone's life with a sharp blade (perhaps a severed cervical spine/brain stem)? And if so, what's the best way to accomplish that?

Search terms include "severed carotid arteries," "how to slit a throat," "best way to slit a throat," "slit throat forensics." I also found the youtube video of Clint Malarchuk getting his throat cut by a hockey skate, which is not for the faint of heart (although he survived, thank goodness).
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Looking for a term or name...

Still working on the ol' magnum opus of sorts, and am stuck on looking for a particular word to use. Some time ago I was somewhat captivated by Mel Brooks description of his character Comicus's occupation in the movie History of the World part 1, and I have been trying to find a term that would have the same worded meaning. Not that Bea Arthur's retort was that far off, just not as poetic as I would like. ;-)

What I am looking for is something that means "brings/pulls from the air/ether." Such as a philosopher who pulls the muse from the air, and presents it to the audience. Or may be even going further as bringing order from chaos. I had found one word for that as Chaoskampf, and as much as I like it, it does not roll off the tongue easily to suit my tastes. So any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Anglican Exorcism 1890s?

So, okay.

I'm writing a haunted-house story set in the late 1890s in England. One of the characters is the local vicar. He's a skeptic about all this supernatural woogy stuff at first, but pretty rapidly becomes convinced that HOLY SHIT GHOSTS.

What would he do? Or, rather, would there be some kind of Church procedure he would follow? Wiki talks about an exorcism procedure, and Googling has revealed "The Exeter Report," circa 1974, that talks about cleansing a house, but I can't find any earlier records.
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Emancipation of a Minor and moving cross country

Setting: Boston, Mass and California, modern day.

I've googled "emancipated minor moving", "emancipated minor moving Massachusetts", "Can an emancipated minor move cross country?", "emancipation of a minor transfer from massachusetts to california", "can an emancipated minor move out of state massachusetts", "can an emancipated minor move to california"
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