June 13th, 2013

Leading Causes of Death From 1900-1998

Forgive me if this has been posted before, but I found this amazing chart detailing the leading causes of death between 1900 and 1998. It’s organized by year and sex, and very helpful if you want to know common causes of death for a specific year. It is limited to the United States, but quite extensive.

It certainly helped me a lot when I was trying to figure out what my character's parents could have died of in 1924. I hope it helps others!
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Putting a Mercedez Benz engine into the Metallicar.....

Okay, so - we have a '67 Chevy Impala with (according to Mr. Ackles) a 427 CID V8 engine, rated at 385 horsepower. (Apparently the stunt Impala has a 427, so we'll just go with that as 'the' Metallicar engine.)

Now, I want to change it up for bio-fuels. Reading about bio-fuels tells me that the diesel Mercedes Benz engines run *very well* on them.

So I'm wondering - could you take the engine from, say, a MB 280se sedan, and put it into the Metallicar? I know nothing about such things, and frankly, googling has gotten me nowhere.

I just don't know if the engine from the one would fit into the other's chassis.

Is it possible to convert the Metallicar's engine to run on bio-fuel? I guess that's the other question.

Any info would be awesome, even a link to a car-specific comm like this.

Basically googled 'will a Mercedes Benz engine fit into another car/a Chevrolet' and variations on that theme and have come up totally blank. Also 'retrofit a Chevrolet with a Mercedes Benz engine' and found out you could put a MB engine into a Jeep. But...that's pretty much it. Also 'will a 427 cid ls v8 engine run on biofuel' and variations - nothing at all.