June 11th, 2013


[ANON POST] What Handguns Would These Characters Use?

I need guns for two of my characters. Setting is near future Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I've read SL Huang's post on handguns and looked at various guns on Wikipedia.

Character #1 is ex-military (US Army). She's disabled and needs a cane to walk, so she can't count on having the use of both hands at any given moment. She's definitely a bit of a gun snob, and she has a fairly impressive collection of guns. She doesn't need a gun for anything she does, but she's used to having one with her, and it makes her feel safer. I'm not sure this is relevant, but she's Israeli-American. Her family moved to the US when she was in her early teens. I've been thinking of giving her some sort of semiautomatic pistol as a primary weapon, but I'm not sure which one, and if anyone has any ideas what other guns she might have in her collection, that would be great.

Character #2 is a PI. She knew nothing about guns until Character #1 took her under her wing, back before she was a PI. Her first gun was a gift from Character #1, in fact, and it was probably pretty expensive. Her other guns would have to be cheaper. A fairly straightforward and easy to use handgun would be best. Any ideas?
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Effects of constant noise...

(have researched waterfall noise, effects of constant white noise, affects of noise pollution, living with constant noise...and several variations there of...but nothing is really telling me what I need to know...)

Scenario...dystopian civilization forced to build a city in the canon of a huge waterfall (think Iguaza Falls or Victoria Falls) to survive.  city is several levels tall, suspended over the river below enough to allow for water rise but still access the water.

I've addressed issues of constant moisture in my plotting, but the one thing I have not yet addressed is the affect the constant rumble of the falling water on the inhabitants.  I can have noise filters designed for indoor situations, but obviously there would still be people going about outside, and that sound would be always present there.  I know people listen to waterfall sounds as white noise for sleeping/relaxation...but likely not at the volume this would create, and not on a 24hr a day basis.  Thus I'm trying to determine what the effects of this might be on people...so that I can either incorporate that into the plot, or design cultural means for them coping with it (ear plugs, healthcare designed specifically for symptoms etc).

If anyone has any thoughts...or has suggestions for a direction for more specific research, I would appreciate it.