June 10th, 2013

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Disabling an airsoft pistol

Setting: Modern day USA. My character is using a spring airsoft pistol like this one (link SFW, if your workplace doesn't mind airsoft guns) as a prop. He has a high degree of knowledge in this area. Conditions are ideal, this is taking place indoors, and my character has done this preparation himself, taking as much time as he needs. No one else has touched or will touch the gun. The cops are not on their way.

I've read the manual (all page of it) and done research on airsoft safety and on converting airsoft guns into props. However, I still have some questions that I can't really answer without holding an airsoft gun, and I don't trust some of the propmakers' judgment. Just unloading the thing is in no way an option. My character is extremely concerned with safety and will be holding this gun on someone he loves at point-blank range, so this must be done in the safest way possible.

1. I've seen mention on cosplay websites of filling the barrel with resin to keep it from firing. Is this really advisable? Would it blow up/damage the gun/otherwise end poorly if it turned out there was still ammo and the trigger was pulled (or if the trigger was pulled at all)? Could he also cement in the (empty) magazine to make it more realistic/keep it from being loaded? If the barrel wasn't plugged, could the gun accidentally fire something that was shoved into it?

2. If you have personal experience in this area, what do you think would be the absolute safest way to disable it? Complication is no object, but the outside of the gun can't be changed, particularly the trigger. I still need the gun to be able to be cocked and the trigger able to be pulled, and I would prefer it if the safety still moved. It's okay if there are inherent dangers or things that have to go perfectly (e.g. the gun has to be unloaded), but I need to know what they are so I can reassure my readers that they've been handled.

3. For this part, know that I've never handled a real gun or an airsoft gun, and have no access to one. What kind of noise does the trigger make on an unloaded airsoft gun? Does it sound like a real gun? Does an airsoft pistol move like a real gun (in terms of how the visible parts work together)?

Thanks for any help!

Molecules acting bonded even when separated

Hey guys, I hope someone can help. I've Googled literally everything I can think of with this one - 'molecules bond separated', 'Hadron Collider discoveries' (because I'm pretty sure when I heard about this it was something to do with the Collider), 'molecules copying each other when separated', AND SO ON.

Here is what I remember: two molecules are bonded, or connected in some way (maybe not bonded in the usual sense of the word?) When they are separated, even when there are vast distances between them, they will both react if one molecule is stimulated - if something happens to one, the other molecule reacts. Like calls to like, except on a molecular level.

I cannot remember more details, or where I heard it. If anyone knows anything about this, please explain, or link me to an explanation. I'm trying to write a sci-fi story and this theory, if I haven't made it all up, would be an incredible help to me in basing my world on reality.

Thank you!